Being mayor is not a birthright. It is about having the right experience and expertise to improve our town.

Summerville needs a new generation of leadership now more than ever – and Russ Touchberry is the only candidate qualified to lead from Day One.

Experience on Town Council

Russ hit the ground running after being elected to Town Council two years ago. He understands the fiscal shape of the town, how it operates, and can start pushing needed reforms from his first day as Mayor. Russ has no learning curve on the town‘s ordinances, the budget process, and has the respect of town employees. He‘s earned it and can start on Day One working to effect the needed change in Summerville.

Respected Civil Engineer

When you have an issue and need to establish a plan to fix something, you call an engineer – not a developer or real estate broker, or anyone else. Russ has spent a career, after graduating from The Citadel, working for the state’s Department of Transportation, in the private sector, and owning his own business. He is sought after to solve complex issues daily because of his ability to execute and deliver solutions.

Established Relationships with Our Partners

Russ is the only candidate to be endorsed by Summerville Town Council members and outgoing Mayor Ricky Waring. He has also been endorsed by Legislative Delegation members, 3 Berkeley County Councilmen and 6 Dorchester County Council members. These established relationships are important because they demonstrate he has the ability to be effective on day one as Summerville’s Mayor and is the only one that can lead regionally and statewide to accomplish the town’s goals.