Current Summerville Mayor Ricky Waring has endorsed Russ Touchberry to be his successor in the upcoming mayoral election.

Waring has previously said he was not seeking reelection.

“I have been honored to serve Summerville for the last 50 years.  I will be voting for Russ Touchberry because I have seen his service and commitment to our Town first hand,” said Waring.   “I trust him to lead our Town toward a brighter future. Please join me in voting for Russ Touchberry for Mayor.”

Waring was first elected as mayor four years ago. Prior to that, he served two terms on Town Council and was the long-time fire chief in the town.

“One thing everyone knows about Mayor Waring is his unwavering commitment and love for the Town of Summerville. I am honored to have his support. He has worked hard to improve our infrastructure, be honest and up front with the residents, and has a long standing commitment to public safety. All of these are initiatives I want to carry forward,” said Touchberry of Waring’s support.

Touchberry, a civil engineer in the transportation infrastructure sector, was elected to Town Council two years ago. His priorities as mayor include creating a plan to effectively manage growth, deliver long overdue infrastructure projects, and strengthen the town’s relationships throughout the region.