On the first morning of filing for the 2023 Summerville Municipal election, Russ Touchberry filed for the office of Mayor. Russ is committed to improving the town his family loves so dearly.

He was joined by his wife, Jamie Beckham Touchberry, and their children, Sage and Beckham.

“While I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of you in the last couple of months, I look forward to the opportunity to meet many more of our Summerville neighbors between now and Election Day, November 7th,” said Touchberry.

Touchberry, a Citadel alum, is an accomplished civil engineer who is sought after by municipalities, counties, and states for infrastructure solutions. He currently serves as the Town Council member for District 3, elected in 2021. He is a former chairman of the Summerville/Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce and the Dorchester Children’s Center.

His top four priorities are:

  • Deliver long-overdue infrastructure solutions, including drainage, traffic solutions, and bicycle and pedestrian improvements
  • Prioritize spending to ensure we are spending money on our long-term vision as a town
  • Support the town’s first responders of our top-notch police and fire departments who keep us safe
  • Strengthen relationships with regional partners to deliver results for our residentsIf you have any questions about Russ or his priorities as Mayor, please reach out to him anytime at Russ@RussTouchberry.com.